The CRLNE Surrender Process

The Collie Rescue League of New England incoming collie and re-homing process begins when a family contacts us to assist in the difficult decision to find a new home for their collie (or collies). If you choose to have your collie be considered to enter our system call us at 1-800-296-3265 We will ask you to download, fill out the application, and mail the forms in.

All collies entering our program are kept in private foster homes and are treated as one of the family. They will be cared for as if they are our own dogs, receiving much love and attention. The collie will receive veterinary care, training as needed, and be professionally groomed. Our foster families get very attached to their foster collie and care very much about their future happiness. Each placement is a very thoughtful and thorough placement. We don’t place on first come first serve but rather we are dedicated to matching each collie into a family and home environment where they will be most happy.

We carefully match your collie's needs with the environment and lifestyle of an adoptive home. The more information we have, the smoother the transition will be to the proper foster home, and eventually a well matched permanent home.

When your collie is adopted into a new family your personal information will remain confidential as will the adopters'.

CRLNE assists the new family with transition and is available to the adoptive family and collie for the collie’s lifetime. If for any reason an adoptive family must give up their collie CRLNE asks the family to contact us for the collie to return to the League.

CRLNE was formed out of love for the Collie; our volunteer driven organization is passionate about this special breed. Our goal is to help you keep your Collie's tail wagging.

There may be a wait until there's an opening in a foster home, as Collies in pounds and shelters are top priority. Please let us know if yours is an emergency situation.


Please call us today at 1-800-296-3265 or email us at if you’re considering have your collie come into the League.