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The first step in the adoption process is to download, print, and fill out our adoption application.

Not all our available collies are posted on online.  If you are interested in adopting we recommend that you send in your application so when a collie becomes available that is a potential match, your application process is already complete.  If we don’t have a collie that matches a qualified adopter’s lifestyle, we can keep your application on file for future consideration. 

Meet Freya


Freya is a 65 lb. female black and white rough collie who will be 6 in November. Freya had a hard start to life and is fearful of people and her surroundings. She has been in semi-permanent foster for quite a while, and her foster feels that she is as ready as she will be to be adopted.

While we feel she can be adopted, Freya is a “special needs” girl. She needs someone that can spend one on one time with her and take her to a new level of confidence. They must be Ok with measuring Freya’s progress in baby steps and realize that she will never be a go anywhere, do anything dog, and that this will require much patience and understanding and allowing her to progress at her own pace.

We have more information we can provide and of course, an adopter would have to meet Freya and her foster. Her foster states that if it doesn’t work out, or no one is ready for her she is willing to keep her there, so there is no pressure. She is safe, and has a good home right now.

If you feel like you could provide a good home and guidance for Freya, please contact our Adoptions Director, Andy Berley, <>, and we can provide more info and description. A phone call with her foster can also be arranged for someone who is serious about pursuing adoption.

Again, she is not for everyone, but in the right home, she can do well, and be happy.

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