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​Where Collies Come First!


Collie Rescue League of New England is a nonprofit organization comprised of caring volunteers dedicated to finding loving homes for surrendered collies throughout New England and Eastern New York.


Each collie is placed with a foster family where they are evaluated by a veterinarian to be completely vetted including neutered or spayed, professionally groomed, and trained for obedience if necessary.  The collie will live with their foster family until they are paired with a permanent family.

They say dogs and their owners tend to look alike.

At Collie Rescue of New England we do our best to make sure they match in lifestyle
and temperament too!

Our collie-centric approach to re-homing surrendered collies takes the temperament and lifestyle of each collie and applicant into consideration before we make any matches. We try to pair prospective owners with collies who will get along famously and grow old together.

Every adoption application we receive is carefully reviewed before we send a volunteer to conduct a home visit. The purpose of this visit is to determine whether a home is suitable for a collie and to see which of our collies will be happiest in that setting with that family.


Our rescue has been very successful over the past 30 years because of our dedicated volunteers and generous donors. 

Mission Statement


The Collie Rescue League of New England, Inc. is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization serving all of New England and eastern New York. The League is dedicated to the preservation and well- being of the breed of dog known as the Collie. It is the mission of the Collie Rescue League to provide rescue, placement, problem intervention services and education for and about purebred Collies. This mission is fulfilled by taking in homeless and unwanted Collies from private sources as well as pounds and shelters, providing them with all necessary medical care including spaying or neutering and evaluation within the safety and comfort of screened foster homes. It is further the mission of the League to accept and screen adoption applications to ensure the appropriate adoption of each Collie into a loving and responsible household.

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